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How to use conditioner on hair: tips for proper hair care

Do you know how to use conditioner on your hair? Many hairdressing professionals say that people often make common mistakes when it comes to properly conditioning their hair. For that reason, some prefer to relegate the use of conditioner to the back burner and others simply eliminate it from their hair care routine. 

To prevent you from making the same mistake, in this article we present our best recommendations on how to use conditioner, what benefits it provides and how to apply it for proper hair care, especially if you are a beginner. Take note!

Shampoo or conditioner first?

If you’re wondering how to use a conditioner? Another question that’s linked is “should I use shampoo or conditioner first?” Traditionally, shampoo is used first because it is a cleansing agent, which is responsible for removing dirt, environmental pollutants, product residue or grease removal. Conditioner is then used to nourish, revitalize and fully condition the hair. 

However, if you want to use a conditioner before shampooing, it’s totally possible! But keep in mind that there is no scientific backing that assures a different change by using it before shampooing. That said, there is a proper way to apply conditioner with the reverse hair wash method:

  • First, apply an adequate amount to the hair and massage it to spread throughout the hair, let it sit for a few minutes. 
  • Secondly, without removing the conditioner from your hair, apply the shampoo and combine them into a lather. 
  • Finally, rinse your hair until it feels clean.

How to apply conditioner to your hair correctly?

  • If you apply shampoo first, rinse thoroughly until all lather is removed.
  • Then apply the amount of conditioner recommended on the bottles to the palm of your hand.
  • Then, start spreading the conditioner from the ends to the mid-lengths of the hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • You can run your fingers through the ends of your hair to help the conditioner penetrate better.
  • Let the conditioner take effect for a few minutes, 2 minutes maximum. 
  • Finally, rinse out the conditioner completely.

How often should the conditioner be used?

The amount of conditioner you use is important to the health of your hair. Good conditioners contain essential ingredients and nutrients that help restore moisture to your hair and strengthen it. Without the right amount of conditioner, your hair will lose its natural moisture due to heat styling, sun exposure and other factors. To avoid these problems, a daily conditioning routine is vital.

However, knowing how to use conditioner on your hair also means knowing how long you should use it for. First of all, conditioner should not be used daily, but this can change depending on your hair type and texture. For example, people with oily hair need to have more frequent washing and conditioning than a person with fine hair. 

For short hair, it is recommended to use conditioner 5 times a week. If you have long hair, then you can do it more frequently. However, remember that you need to apply the right amount, no more and no less. 

Use the right conditioner for your hair type

Learning how to use a conditioner also means knowing which one is right for you. There are three main hair types: straight, curly and wavy. However, in addition to that there is also hair that is greasier, some that is finer and some that is completely dry. Regardless of what type of hair you have, there are several conditioners on the market that are formulated with the necessary components to treat your hair type. 

If you have dry and damaged hair, you need to get a deep moisturizing conditioner that is free of silicone and parabens. But if your hair is fine, you can use a lightweight leave-in conditioner. 

Therefore, one conditioner we recommend is our Conditioner The Secret Boost. A formula designed for any type of hair, as it does not contain sulfates or parabens. Therefore, it is a product that has compounds that will replenish the hair fiber to strengthen the structure and stimulate hair growth.