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How to use a hair mask in the right way

With the presence of autumn, hair often requires better care to prevent it from drying out and the appearance of annoying split ends. One of the products that is most in demand during this season is the hair mask. It contains numerous benefits ranging from nourishing to strengthening the hair fiber, but to activate them you need to know how to use a hair mask properly. 

So, in this article we will explain all the basics you need to know about a hair mask, what it is, how to apply it, its benefits and where you can buy the best product. Take note! 

What is a hair mask?

Hair masks are used to restore moisture and strength to your hair. They are particularly important if your hair is long, damaged, dry or frizzy. These treatments can also improve shine and nourishment just like a conditioner. 

Nowadays, many women prefer to make homemade hair masks, but now there are products specifically designed to solve hair conditions, even containing organic ingredients and easy to apply.  

How to use a hair mask?

Whether you have healthy, damaged, frizzy, frizz-free hair, it is important to learn how to use a hair mask. Especially for proper care, you should know that you can use the hair product after shampooing. That way, with a clean scalp it is easier for the mask to fully penetrate the areas that need it. 

How to apply a hair mask properly?

The way you should apply the hair mask is to spread the cream evenly from mid-lengths to ends. However, although the product will only be needed on half of your hair, you can also massage the cream all the way to the roots. If you want to improve the results, include a towel for a maximum of 5 minutes.

How long does the product need to be left in the hair?

Part of how to use a hair mask is to take into account the time, since it is an essential process to avoid damaging the hair and to achieve good results. Many people tend to think that by leaving the mask on for a long time the results will be more effective, this may be true, but it will depend a lot on the type of mask to use. The best recommended time is 15 to 20 minutes, but this can be less depending on your hair type

Benefits of using a hair mask

  • Makes hair softer and shinier.
  • For dry hair, masks add extra moisture. 
  • Contains a pleasant, non-toxic fragrance.
  • Hair masks are commonly made from organic ingredients, so it is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Some masks tend to promote regrowth and prevent loss.
  • Your hair will be more manageable and reduce the presence of frizz.
  • Provides extra protection, especially against heat treatment, continuous stress or dyeing. 
  • Strengthens the hair structure and prevents further tangling. 

The best hair mask available at Beauty Bomb

Of course, there are many hair masks available on the market, but not all of them will understand the needs of your hair. With our repairing hair mask you don’t have to worry anymore. It is composed of 100% natural ingredients such as argan oil and macadamia oil, two ideal components to revitalize and restore the health of even the most damaged hair. 

Now that you know how to use a hair mask you will have no problem applying it and getting the best results. If you want to create a more complete hair care routine, we invite you to visit our store and choose the best products for your hair type at Beauty Bomb