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6 incredible tips that will help you stimulate hair growth

We know that long hair is synonymous with beauty and health. That’s why more and more women are looking for shiny hair like Rapunzel, but sometimes it’s not an easy process because there are several factors that influence hair growth.

However, just as there are negative factors, there are also ways to help stimulate hair growth. So, if you want to know them, then in this article we bring you our best tips for hair growth. Take note! 

How to make hair grow faster?

In case you didn’t know, hair growth depends on your health, hormones, age and genetics. That means, the time stipulated for growth can vary from person to person, and the effects of products or home remedies can bring results in less or more time. 

That said, to ensure faster hair growth it is important to maintain a healthy scalp, healthy habits and a healthy body. Here are some essential tips you need to apply for the proper functioning of your hair:

1- Healthy diet

Choosing the right foods to eat can make your hair grow faster. They should contain nutrients that promote hair growth and strength. Also, don’t forget to include foods that are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

2- Scalp massages

Adding scalp massage to your weekly routine can help you achieve beautiful, strong hair by reducing stress and improving blood circulation. Massage also relieves tension in the forehead and neck.

This method consists of using both hands to massage the scalp in a circular motion. If you prefer, you can use your thumbs to apply gentle pressure.

3- Try using products for hair growth

Nowadays, there are many beauty companies that have become aware of hair loss and how much it can affect your image. Therefore, in the market you can find a variety of products that will help you stimulate hair growth. Some alternatives that Beauty Bomb brings you are:


It is a vitamin serum that works instantly to cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair. The richest ingredients and vitamins are imported for the blend of this unique formula. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to accelerate hair growth, diminish hair loss and restore hair.


Our serum is made with pisum sativum, an active ingredient that stimulates follicles and ensures hair hydration. Like our vitamin serum, this product also works to reduce or stop hair loss while effectively accelerating hair growth. Thanks to the combination of other ingredients including ginger extract, ginseng extract and patchouli, our stimulating serum formula is simply a BOMB.

4- Maintaining conditioned hair

Many people think that conditioner is not necessary, but the opposite is true. Part of hair growth involves keeping it hydrated and nourished, so you need certain products like conditioner to achieve this. 

In every hygiene routine, we should not only use shampoo, but also include a conditioner to prevent your hair from being dry, replace oil and seal in moisture at the same time. 

5- Silk pillow cases

Using silk pillowcases will stimulate hair growth and help prevent breakage of your hair, while improving your skin. Silk is a material that helps prevent chafing, which is one of the most common causes of breakage.

Silk pillowcases are also known to reduce inflammation and dermatitis. Silk is said to be antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so it will not snag or absorb moisture from hair and skin.

6- Avoid chemical hair products and treatments

We know that using chemical products and treatments on your hair is unavoidable, but it is necessary if you want your hair to grow better and healthier. When you decide to bleach your hair, the cuticle starts to open, which causes significant damage to the hair texture. 

These chemicals make your hair weaker and more likely to break, which is a negative effect because it means you will require more cuts and that will be less length for you.