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Top tips and miracle products to bring your dull hair back to life

tips and miracle products to bring your dull hair back to life

If you have lifeless hair and can’t take it anymore, it’s time to change routines and revive the beauty and shine you’re known for. Dull hair will be a different story.

Even if you take care of your hair and follow beauty routines, over time our hair changes. The changes can be due to weather, stress, moods or different chemicals. Stop bad habits with blow dryers and flat irons and you will start to see the change.

How can I identify if my hair is damaged?

hair is damaged
Although we often notice when our hair is dull, there is a chance that the products we use can trick us into looking like healthy hair. Here are three main signs of damaged hair.

  1. Hair with split ends. These are the consequence of wear and tear, the ends of the hair is the one that carries most of the damage suffered by the hair, either by the use of irons and dryers, damage by the environment (climate) or the passage of time.

Split ends are the main sign that we should pay more attention to what we use on our hair and start with a trim. Hair with split ends looks like a rope with small fine hairs loose, just like the rope, those loose hairs will cause it to lose strength, the same goes for the hair strand.

  1. Lack of shine and dull hair. It is difficult to notice if we have dull hair here we show you how to identify it. Take a strand of hair and bend it to the beginning of your hair, if the middle part is shiny and the tip is not, it’s time for a treatment!

To start a treatment for lifeless hair it is important to first go to an expert who will give an opinion on how damaged it is and what treatment your hair deserves. Don’t use commercial treatments, this could damage your hair even more.

  1. Hair loss. Although it is normal to lose hair from time to time when brushing or washing it, we must be aware of how much hair we lose. If you notice that the amount of hair loss is more than 100 a day is an alert, you can try changing products, carefully drying your hair and damaging it less with blow dryers.

If despite this care the problem persists, seek help from a doctor and start a more specialized treatment.

Restores lifeless hair

Restores lifeless hair
Botox is an almost miraculous product for dull hair, it will professionally rejuvenate your hair. You can go to a salon or do it at home. Botox is a gentle treatment that does not damage the scalp, this product promises to restore shine and softness.

Another feature of using this product is that it is easy to apply, and you will see results quickly. Remember that you cannot use just any product you find in the market, to get the result you want, go to a professional and after a diagnosis, ask him to recommend the one you need and check that its components are effective.

Another quick way to notice changes and restore shine to your hair is to avoid excessive use of other chemicals and the use of hair dryers or hair straighteners during treatment. If we do not change these routines, even if we use the best of products, our hair will not be able to absorb quickly and effectively.

Necessary care for lifeless hair

If your hair is deeply dull, dehydrated and damaged, you need to treat it. You must be constant because at first you will see quick results, but if you stop in the long term the problem will be even worse.

Wash your hair with shampoo adjustable to your needs and do not omit to apply a conditioner with moisturizing components, it is important to know if this can be applied only from means to ends or from the root. Another miraculous secret are those masks or natural oils at least once a week, they work wonders.

Using hair serum is one of the best options for damaged hair. It is a concentrated lotion that acts quickly and without damage, it is advisable to go to a professional before buying it, so he can recommend the best one. Remember that if your hair is not too damaged, you can trim the damaged parts and the treatment will be more effective.

Natural masks for dull hair

There are remedies that work miracles and at very low cost. Recover your hair naturally and make it look healthy and beautiful. Here are the 2 best remedies to do at home.

  1. Aloe vera mask. This treatment is done with the pulp of aloe, you must do it after washing the hair, with wet hair you must apply and leave the pulp for 10 or 15 minutes, to make it work better you can put a bath cap and that will make it absorb the components better.

Remember that washing your hair with hot water will only damage it more, so while doing this treatment 3 times a month use cold water, this also helps hair growth.

  1. Olive oil and egg. This is one of the best treatments to repair dull and dry hair, this treatment should be done once a month. Doing it during the summer will keep your hair alive forever.

To make this mask you will need 2 egg yolks and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. To prepare it, mix the egg yolks and oil in a bowl and make a ponytail with your hair backwards. This should be applied without touching the scalp. After 15 minutes you should rinse your hair with cold water.

It is advisable to use repair creams after this type of treatment to accelerate the recovery process of lifeless hair and see more effective results in a short time.