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Black hair care: Essential tips for healthy and strong hair

Want to know how to care for black hair? Many people may think that black hair does not require as much care as other types of hair, but the truth is that, if not given the proper attention, hair can become brittle, dry and vulnerable to aging. 

So, if you are a woman with black hair and you want to know better how to take care of it or know better about its characteristics, in this article we bring you some amazing tips that will help you maintain a healthy and strong hair.

Qualities between the different types of black hair

In case you didn’t know, there are different types of black hair, as the texture and thicknesses change from person to person. Therefore, to take of black hair care it is essential to know its different qualities. Here are the characteristics you should take into account:

General density of black hair

Some black hair tends to have a lower density than others. For example, women of African descent have fewer hair follicles, so they are more prone to hair loss and their scalp is more noticeable. 

Shape of hair shaft and hair growth

The black hair shaft can be straight, curly or very elliptical in cross section. The shape depends on the growth and shape of the follicle. For example, Caucasian hair has a rounder shape and grows at an average rate of 1.2 centimeters per month. 

On the other hand, African hair grows at a much slower rate, at 0.9 centimeters per month. This difference may contribute to the fact that African hair tends to be more brittle, so more attention should be paid to caring for the black hair of a woman of African descent.

Cuticle width

Black hair has been shown to have a thinner cuticle layer than other hair types, which means it is more prone to breakage and that means you should use black hair products that help strengthen the scalp.

Essential tips to care for black hair

There are many ways to care for black hair, some tips may be simpler and others will require total determination to create healthy habits that will result in healthy and strong hair. Some tips we recommend are:

  • Washing is the most essential step in caring for black hair. To do this, we recommend choosing a shampoo that does not contain harsh ingredients such as sulfate, which can strip the hair of its natural oils. 
  • Hair is prone to dryness, so it is important to maintain moisture through deep conditioning. It needs to be well conditioned after every wash, and for that we recommend our Boost conditioner, made entirely from natural ingredients. 
  • Another way to take care of black hair is to treat it well. Every time you comb it, you can make a small massage on the scalp, it is also recommended to comb it from the middle to the ends, avoiding pulling it and not to create breakage or mistreatment. 
  • Use a comb that is suitable for your black hair type, as straight or wavy black hair requires a wide-toothed comb. On the other hand, a woman with curly black hair should use a bristle brush.
  • To complete the care of black hair, you need to include in your routine a hair treatment. This will help maintain the hair’s proteins and nutrients over time, and it will be healthy and strengthened against any contaminants. 

Avoid using products for black hair that contain chemicals, as they can damage or cause hair loss.