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4 benefits of hair serum that you should know about

benefits of hair serum

If you want to achieve shiny, smooth hair, hair serum is a must-have product in your beauty routine. In addition, a good serum will help protect your hair from pollution and environmental damage. But the benefits of hair serum don’t end there!

Do you want to find out what they are? Keep reading! We are Beauty Bomb, distributors of hair products in Saint-Léonard and Quebec. In this article we present you the benefits of hair serum. Don’t miss these beauty tips!

What is hair serum? 

It is a silicone-based styling product that coats and protects the surface of the hair. However, hair serum does not penetrate the follicles or cause structural changes, but smoothes frizz, adds shine and protects the strands from environmental damage.

Is serum healthy for hair?

Definitely. Serum for frizzy hair provides protection against humidity, dirt and pollution. A serum also adds shine and moisture. While this product won’t repair damage caused by hot tools and chemicals, it will help you get healthier hair.

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Main serum benefits for all hair types

Main serum benefits

Today there are a wide variety of hair serums with different components and properties. Depending on your hair type and the consistency of the product, some work better to reduce frizz or smooth the texture of the strands. But in general, all serums have the following advantages:

1-Control frizz and style your hair

Having unruly, frizzy hair is a real headache. While shampoo and conditioner can help reduce frizz, when the strands dry on the outside they’ll revert back to their disastrous state. Fortunately, hair serum is great for nourishing and taming frizzy hair in any environment, reducing frizz almost entirely. 

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2-Extra shine and volume 

Want to show off radiant, voluminous hair? Then it’s time for you to get a shine serum. Serums help boost shine, either before or after a shower. In addition, the layer of serum that is distributed through the hair creates an enviably smooth effect and a beautiful luster. 

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3-Nourishment down to the very last strand 

If your hair feels dry and more like you’re touching wires, you definitely need to get a hair serum! Dry hair is a nuisance, no doubt about it. To top it off, dryness will make your hair look dull and coarse. 

However, hair serums reverse dryness by providing nourishment and protection against humidity. And thanks to their silicone-based components, your hair will be silky to the touch.

4-Protection against heat and chemicals

Beyond being a smoothing product that protects hair from the environment and pollution, a hair serum is a great ally for salon work. When hair is colored or styled with hot tools, the wear and tear caused on the strands only gets worse. 

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A constant styling regimen will only cause your hair to dry out and break over time. Fortunately, hair serums are products that help reduce this damage by protecting strands from heat. Serums also restore lost moisture to keep hair looking healthy.

How to use the serum on hair?

To enjoy all the benefits of hair serum, it is important that you know how to apply the product properly. Let’s briefly review these tips:

  • Wash and condition your hair before applying the serum.
  • Use a couple of drops depending on the volume of your hair.
  • Rub the serum in your hands to activate the components.
  • Distribute the serum from mid-strand to ends.
  • Style the hair with a wide-tip comb.
  • Don’t overuse the serum so your hair doesn’t look heavy or greasy. 

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Now that you know the fantastic benefits of hair serum, what are you waiting for to get yours! If you want to revitalize your hair, a hair serum should not be missing in your beauty routine. Remember to apply this product properly to keep your hair protected and glowing.


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